Hey friends! ☺️

So last weekend I randomly got a call from my cousin who lives about an hour south of the Twins Cities, asking if I wanted to go to the Renaissance Festival with her.  I've never been before but I have always wanted to go so I got ready and she picked me and my sister up for a day filled with magic and lots of mead!

If you have no idea what a Renaissance Festival is, it's basically an outdoor festival which recreates the renaissance times for fun!  People dress up as fairies, elves, Kings, or other made-up mystical creature and it's a way to come together and show your creative side.  There's loads of cool vendors that sell things like swords, jewelry, pottery, fantasy clothes, and so much more!  There were a whole bunch of cute little shops that we just perused the whole day. 

Along with that, THE FOOD.  The food was sooooo good.  I got a soup bread bowl (which was delish!), then we shared fried pickles, then I maybe had 1 (or 4) glasses of mead, and to finish it off, an ice cream treat.  Pretty good if I say so myself.

There was also fun events like the corgi races and jousting. So many cute corgi butts running and the jousting was pretty fun too.  All in all a pretty 10/10 day.

If you're feeling like you want a fun time, I highly recommend the Ren Fest!

xo Emily