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So I just spent the last 48 hours traveling to San Diego and back....

A couple of weeks ago, my sister asked if I could be her +1 to her friend's wedding.  Her friend is in the Navy, and was getting married on Coronado Island in San Diego on the Naval base there.  Having never been to California, I jumped at the chance to do this and I'm so glad I went!

We left on Friday morning (so I got to play hooky from work 😉) and the flight was fairly uneventful!  I watched A Quiet Place, which was pretty good although it lost some of it's "scary" factor of being silent because the sound of the plane engine was a constant sound.  Then I put on Downsizing, but I ended up falling asleep during it and woke up during well into the middle of it, so I had no idea what was really happening.  Once we landed, a family member of the bride picked us up and took us onto the Naval Base.

The view from the hotel room!
 As soon as we got to our room and unpacked, we headed out to the beach, which was right outside!  I have never seen the ocean in person so it was really cool to get to see it and put my feet in it (although it was pretty cold!)

The beach

The ocean!!!!! The waves were actually a lot bigger than I was expecting too.  It was pretty intense.
 The wedding was at 5pm that night so we went back to the room after the beach, showered and got ready to head to the wedding which was on this exact beach so luckily not too far!
The view of the background for the wedding.  Gorgeous!

After a night of delicious food and dancing like our feet off, we headed back to the hotel room and conked out.

Since none of us rented a car, the next morning, we met up with one of their friends who happened to go to college in San Diego and was kind enough to be our little San Diego tour guide/chauffeur.
Stop no 1: COFFEE. This super cute coffee shop called Cafe Bassam.  I got an iced mocha and it was DELICIOUS.
 Afterwards, we decided to head to In N Out for lunch, mainly because one person really wanted to go here because it is quintessential Californian experience.  And to take an artsy picture for the 'gram.  After lunch, we headed to the San Diego Zoo!

The zoo was so much fun!  We saw a whole bunch of animals, my favorites were the koalas, capybaras, and the elephants!  Plus, we hit up the souvenir shops to pick up some goodies, and because someone had a zoo membership card, we got 10% off everything!  I got a sweatshirt, a mug, and a snow globe with a koala in it (for my boyfriend :) ) 

After several hours of walking at the zoo, we decided we were all hungry and headed to Old Town to a little restaurant called Miguel's Cocina.  Let me tell you: the chips and queso were SO GOOD.  We almost ate like 4 baskets of chips and 4 cups of queso.

I got a Pollo Asada Burrito covered in the same queso sauce served with beans and rice

Old Town San Diego, covered with palm trees :)
That night we relaxed about an hour, and then headed out to the beach again one last time before we had to leave the next morning.  It was started to get foggy out, but the sunset was gorgeous!

After that, we headed back to the hotel room and showered and set my alarm for 5am the next morning.  UGH.

Then it was just a day at the airport and traveling, and then doing laundry and getting ready for work the next day.

Goodbye San Diego!  You were good to me and I promise I will be back before you know it!

What is your favorite place to go in San Diego?  Let me know and I'll add it to my list for the next time :)

Emily x


  1. What are your favorite things to do in San Diego? ☺️I'm putting together a list for when we take a vacation there next time! ANy help/advice would be very mich appreciated!!


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