Hey guys!

Happy Wednesday!

I recently went back home to my parent's house to hang out with them along with my sister, which was super nice.  I always have a great time with my family :)

Anyways, my sister and I went to Lucy's Burgers for some lunch, but it turns out that on the weekends, they only serve breakfast until noon, and we happened to get there at 11:30am.  We were both too awkward to leave after we've been led to our table so we just stayed!  But I'm not mad about it because I love brunch.  LOVE.  IT.

I got the croissant sandwich with a side of hashbrowns.  Mmmmmmmmm I'm salivating even typing this and inserting the pictures.  My sister got a belgian waffle with just a little whipped cream...and it came with a heaping pile!! I don't think she complained about it at all either ;)

What's your favorite breakfast food?