A LOOK AT | NIOD Flavanone Mud

Hey guys!

Welcome back to Emskeeso.  You may have noticed that we got a little makeover over the weekend, and you would be right!  I figured it was about time that we spice things up a little bit considering there are more people here now and also because sometimes it fun to have a makeover :)

ANYWAYS.  Back to what I wanted to take about: skin care.  The particular product I am going to be discussing today is from NIOD.  I have heard some very positive things about the brand NIOD, but I've never actually tried any of their products before.
Before I talk about the specific product, I want to briefly cover the history and mission behind the brand.  NIOD stands for "Non-Invasive Options in Dermal Science".  Essentially, the mission behind NIOD is scientifically advanced skin care that offers skin care solutions that respect your skin's health while delivering long lasting, visible results.  That sounded really appealing to me so I decided to do some perusing around their website.  NIOD is a part of the parent company DECIEM which own The Ordinary, Stemm, and The Chemistry Brand amongst a few of them.  I have used several of The Ordinary serums and I really enjoy them so I knew I would probably enjoy NIOD as well.

The one particular product that I purchased was the Flavanone Mud.  According to the website, the Flavanone Mud "is a three-phase rinse-off decongestion system that disrupts neither the skin surface equilibrium nor its density. While FM can be classified as a masque for categorical convenience, its approach varies substantially from that offered by the concept of masques today both in terms of its way of positive visible influence on the skin as well as its respect for dermal integrity."  Essentially FM is a masque used to decongest the skin and increase the overall skin's integrity.

The premise behind this product was really interesting to me, so I decided to try it!


The glass bottle it comes in is very minimalistic with only a simple one sentence instructions on the back.  It has an aluminum - like screw lid, which is very easy to open and tighten to close.  Overall, the packaging is nice and clean.


I was actually quite surprised when I first opened the packaging to find that the product is...orange!  Like a bright reddish-orange color.  It definitely has a distinct smell...I can't really figure out how to describe the smell.  I've been sitting here for several minutes to come up with a way, but all that I can think of is chemically, but not overwhelming.  It just has different scent than I've ever smelt before.

Ease of Use

SUPER easy to use.  Just take a scoop full of the product in your hands, spread it on your face in a thin layer, avoiding hairline and eyes.  Leave on for 15 minutes or so (until dry) and then wash off with a warm wash cloth.  One thing that I wanted to mention here is that the packaging states that (and I've read other blog posts about this) is that your skin might feel a slight burning sensation for several minutes after you wash this mask off.  According to the NIOD website, this stinging sensation is a result of the detoxification and exfoliation agents found in FM.  (Note: please test this out on a small patch of skin for skin sensitivity before use, and also seek treatment if the burning sensation lasts for longer than several minutes.)

Final Verdict

Overall, I really enjoy using this product!  I have only used it 3 times so far (once a week for 3 weeks), but I have really felt like my skin has dramatically changed.  It is a lot more smoother and clearer and I think that it is doing it's job well.  i am excited to keep trying it out and see what it is like using it the long term.

Have you ever used FM?  Or any of the NIOD products?  Please let me know because I would LOVE to try more of their products.  Any that you love and would highly recommend?