IN THE KITCHEN | Fiesta Stir Fry

Hey guys!

I was in the mood for a nice, comfort meal last night.  This is one of my Go TO meals to make when I have no idea what to cook!  It's easy, not too bad health-wise, and super delicious! Open me to read more!

This meal is so easy and versatile - you can literally add whatever is in your fridge/freezer at any given time.  I think that is one of the reasons why I love it so much!  Plus it's so tasty :)

1 small-medium onion
1 red bell pepper
A handful of mushrooms
Half a bag of frozen corn
Can of black beans
Fajita chicken strips (These were frozen in a bag)
Whatever seasoning you would like! (Paprika, Taco Seasoning, Chili Powder, etc)
Salsa to put on top afterwards

This recipe couldn't be easier!

Sautee cut onions and pepper in large pan in a little olive oil
Add mushrooms to pan to cook
Add Fajita chicken strips (these are precooked so all you have to do it heat)
Add frozen corn
Rinse black beans and then add to pan
Add spices and heat pan until all ingredients are warm

et voila!  Serve.  SO delicious.  

Of course you can add any additional ingredients that your heart desires but this is just what was in the house at the time!

Now I'm hungry......I hope you make this at home.  If you do, make sure to send it to me on twitter and instagram @emilyciernia :)

Happy Saturday!