10 Things I Can't Live Without

Hey guys!

Here's a list of 10 things that I absolutely can't live without!  Open me to read more!

1.  My Laptop
The obvious number 1 choice.  I use my laptop EVERY.SINGLE.DAY.  Whether it's writing, editing pictures, or just plain ol' interneting,  I am attached to my laptop (probably more than I should be shhhhhh.)

2. My Favorite Sweatshirt
My Science Museum of Minnesota sweatshirt: Stranger Things edition.
I actually got it as a birthday gift from my sweet boyfriend who knows how much I love the science museum and was eyeing this sweatshirt in the gist shop before we left.  He surprised me with it a couple of months later and it is my most favorite item of clothing.  I wear it all the time :)

3. My Family and Friends
Pretty cliche thing to say, but I don't know what I would do without the support and love from my family and friends.  They mean so much to me and I am very grateful that they are in my life. Shoutout to y'all!

4. Moisturizer
I am a little bit too obsesses with moisturizer.  Maybe it is because I live in a place where it is winter 7 months out of the year (Minne-SNOW-ta), but my skin is pretty much always dry if I don't use moisturizer.  For my face, I have been loving my classic CeraVe Skin Renewing Night Cream (which I actually reviewed a while ago, if you fancy a little read: http://www.emskeeso.com/2016/08/first-impressions-cerave-skin-renewing.html).  For my body skin, I have been loving the Bath and Body Works Mineral CO Aqua Marine Soothing Body Cream.  It smells SO fresh, with hints of ocean water, mint leaf, and wet stone (whatever that smells like LOL).  Even if it smells like wet stone (LOL), it leaves my skin feeling so soft and refreshed.

5. Chapstick
Along with my dry skin, I also get periods of dry, chapped lips.  How fun!!! Not really, so that is why I keep like 3 different types of chapstick in my bag.  My favorite one is this one that I got from the State Fair last year, and it smells like honeycrisp apples.  YUM!

6.  Chewing Gum (or Mints)
I kind of have an irrational fear of having smelly breath, so I pretty much always keep a pack of gum and/or mints in my bag wherever I go.  It's a really easy way to make sure that my breath is smelling fresh during the day.  Plus, I think I just like chewing on something out of boredom...if that makes sense (please tell me I am not alone...)

7. Digital Eye Strain Glasses
This is a recent addition to my favorite things that I can't live without.  Since I spend SO much time on the computer/phone, it causes me to have digital eye strain headaches.  Plus, I know that the blue light that emits from the digital devices are also not that good for eyes.  At my last optometrist appointment, he recommended that I get a pair of glasses that helps with this.  I finally went out to the glasses store and got some ordered (plus I got free Ray Ban sunglasses, because they had a buy one get one free sale.  SCORE!).  Even though I have only been using them for a little while, I can already tell that they help with my headaches.  If you struggle with this too, I recommend talking with an optometrist about this option :)

8. Camera
I pretty much have my camera around my neck at all times.  I love taking pictures so much - it is such a great creative outlet!  I want to start posting more of my pictures on hear :) . You can also follow me on Instagram to see more pictures @EmilyCiernia

9. Dental Floss
This kind of goes along with the minty breath, but I also keep floss in my bag because there is nothing worse than being somewhere with a piece of popcorn or something else stuck in between your tooth!  (Okay okay, there are a lot of things worse than that, but you know what I mean!) 

10. Headphones
I pretty much listen to music all the time: when I'm bored, when I'm at the gym, when I'm at lunch at work, pretty much all the time.  I have my Bose headphones in Mint Green and then are so so so comfy and I love them!  Although they are not technically noise cancelling, they do a good job of filtering out the outside noise.  Love!

What are some things that YOU couldn't live without?