Ways to Digital Declutter in Your Life

Hey guys!

Spring is almost upon us...I can smell the fresh, spring air now.  And guys.  Hold onto your hats.  It's gonna be 50 degrees here next week.  50 DEGREES.  I have a feeling people are going to start wearing t shirts and shorts outside now!  BUT, this got me thinking about spring, which led to me think about all the stuff I should probably get rid of and C-L-E-A-N-I-N-G.  I have been steadily working on decluttering my room of things I don't need and that I can donate to charities or random makeup packaging that I (for some reason) seem to keep a lot of.  While I've been chugging away at that, it got me thinking about cleaning and decluttering my digital space as well (i.e. Laptop, Phone, Internet, etc. I think you get the point.) I think that decluttering all of this stuff is equally as important as decluttering your living space.  So I thought I would give you ways to have a digital declutter in your life.  Let's go!!

1. Clean your Email inbox
Go through your email inbox and delete all of the spam and junk emails.  For me, this clears out like 80% of my inbox already.  Then, with the rest of the emails, I go through and move them to folders I created for specific categories: Banking, Family, Student Loan Receipts, Online Receipts, etc. This moves all the emails into a location that makes sense and easy for retrieval later.

2. Delete old Programs/Software/Apps
If you haven't used it in the past year, it's probably worth time to uninstall it.  This will also free up space on your devices.

3. Go through photos
I like to go through photos every couple of months and review them to see if I can delete any of them that serve no purpose.  If possible, organize your photos into albums to give some structured organization and makes it easier to find photos when you are looking for them.

4. Facebook Friends
Too many friends on Facebook can clutter up your Facebook and make it more difficult to keep up with the people that you actually care about.  I remember back in the day, it used to be a popularity contest to see who had the most Facebook friends, but now it's important to realize that this is not high school anymore and you don't want to keep contact with certain people.  And that is okay.  Just hit the 'Unfriend' button and they never have to know.

5. Old Contacts
Similar to the previous one, it is good to remove old contacts that you no longer need or keep in contact with, as it is most likely just taking up space.  When I was in college, I got many people's phone numbers for when we worked on projects, but removed them because I no longer keep on contact with them.  This is an easy one.

6.  Passwords
This one is not really about decluttering I think it is still really important to do once in a while (at least every couple of months)...change your passwords.  With all the hacking and malware etc. out there, it is important to make sure that you keep on top of updating it every so often, and also make the passwords complex enough so they are not easily deciphered (use numbers, characters, and random characters).  I also like to use a password manager to keep track of all my passwords - because there are so many!!!! I wouldn't be able to remember hardly any of my passwords without using one of those.

Let me know if you use any of these, or have any additional ideas!

Happy decluttering!