NEW YEAR, NEW ME | #EmilyGetsFit

Hey everyone!  What's the year, new me?

So you're probably here, from this video....if you're not, please go watch it!  I feel like I articulate myself better there.

Yes.  I am beginning a new lifestyle change.  To get fitter, to be healthier, to become happier and more confident.  These are my goals in 2018 and beyond.  And I would really like to share in this experience this with my lovely viewers and readers.  I think it would also be really cool to do this with other people.  For a support system!  So I would LOVE to go on this journey with you. :)

I am going to spend the next couple of days leading up to the first of the month prepping, so I will see you in the new year, ready to tackle a huge lifestyle change...and I can't wait :)

And follow along with the hashtag, #EmilyGetsFit :)