Hey guys!

This weekend went by in the blink of an eye! Like seriously...where did it go?! 

On Saturday, I woke up at around 8 am and kind of putz around in the morning until I decided to go get my hair cut at a local salon.  It normal gets quite busy in the afternoon, so I was lucky when I got there and I was the only person waiting. AND my favorite lady who cuts my hair was there.  DOUBLE LUCK,  With my split ends cut off, I headed over to the gym and got an hour work out in.  I hadn't worked out the past previous couple of days, so it felt really good.  But I'm still feeling the ache in my thighs today.  It was hard to walk up stairs!  Then I came home and filmed a video for my YouTube channel (Yes, I have a YouTube channel which you can watch...the link is in my CONTACT tab on this blog right up at the top).  It was a Favorite Pamper Products video where I talk about some of my favorite pamper products (obviously lols).  I edited that video right away and uploaded it, so that took a good chunk out of my evening.  For dinner, I made some salad with cucumbers, orange and yellow peppers, carrots, and a 50/50 spring mix, with some roasted potato wedges.  MMMMMM. I'm getting hungry just thinking about it now!  That combination is one of my favorite meals at the moment!  Then my mom and I watched Meet the Robinson's on Netflix.  I then brushed my teeth and then hopped into bed and FaceTimed my boyfriend until I fell asleep.

Sunday, I woke up to the scent of pancakes!  Soooooo yummy.  I then spent a good portion of the day, deep cleaning my room and some of the junk drawers in the kitchen.  We are hosting Thanksgiving at our house this year, so the cleaning has to start early haha.  TO be honest, that took up the majority of the day.  Oh yeah, and also while we were cleaning, the Vikings game was on in the background (they won!!!)  Around 5, we started to get hungry again, so I whipped up some Shrimp Alfredo pasta and some leftover salad from the day before and I was full.  I then cleaned up and took an extra long shower to clean my hair and shave.  I just took off my face mask (the one is used is The Body Shop Tea Tree charcoal face mask that I mentioned in the pamper products video).  My skin currently feels sooooooo soft.

Currently, I am trying to delicately type this blog post because I just painted my nails and I don't want them to smudge.  I also have the AMA's on in the background, although I'm not really paying that much attention.  Shawn Mendes is singing - that's all I can tell you!
So that was my weekend :)

What did you guys do this weekend?  Let me know!