Hey guys!

It is the heart of fall and winter is quickly approaching!  And it's also the season of comfy, cozy, fuzzy feels, which is some of my favorite things :)  So, I found some questions that go together nicely with this time of year.

Feel free to play along and answer them as well in the comments!

1. Favorite Fall Scent.  There is this candle from Bath and Body Works called Autumn and it smells of apples and crisp fall air, and it is jus the perfect scent for Fall!
2. Coffee, Tea, or Hot Chocolate? This is such a difficult question, because I love all of them for different reasons.  Coffee - for mornings and when I need a little pick me up throughout the day.  Tea - Iced in the summertime.  Hot chocolate - for when I want a little treat.  But if I HAD to just pick one, I think it would probably be...coffee.
3. Favorite Thanksgiving food? Hands down mashed potatoes.
4.  What is Autumn Weather like for you where you live? Minnesota does Fall right.  The most beautiful, vibrant leaves, especially on the North Shore are absolutely breathtaking.  I highly recommend you make the trip to see it sometime in your life.  It's not so much now because all the leaves have dropped, but it's so nice, and one of the reasons why Fall is one of my favorite times of year.
5. Most worn sweater? I have an old, oversized sweater from Old Navy that I got a couple of years ago and it's so soft and cozy.  I love it!
6. Must have Nail Polish this season.  Dark maroon or navy are the colors my nails have been so far in the Fall.
7. Skinny Jeans or Leggings? Leggings!
8.  Is Pumpkin Spice worth the hype? TBH, I'm not really a huge fan of pumpkin flavor (especially fake pumpkin flavor), so I'm not a Pumpkin Spice lover.
9. Favorite Autumn related food. Apple crisp.  YUM!!!