Last weekend, we drove up to Duluth to spend the day with my sister.  And I thought I would show you some pictures I took :)

It was absolute PEAK autumnal colors in Duluth last weekend.  I bet this weekend they are not even a fraction as vibrant as they were then!

We also treked up to Enger Tower, which I had never been to before!  It had the most beautiful panoramic view of Duluth (which is where those pictures above were taken from).  BUT, it was sooooooo windy I was terrified I was going to accidentally drop my phone off the side of the cliff.  Haha!  

Other than that, we got some dinner at Pizza Luce, which was so tasty!  We got pizza (of course!), half baked potato, and half classic.  I still dream of that pizza.  I told my boyfriend that the next time he visits, we are going to the one in Minneapolis, and I don't think he would argue about that.

It actually snowed today today, which means that Fall is officially over :(  I heard Duluth got about 10 inches.  Yes.  10. INCHES.  In the cities here, we got about 2-3 inches of wet snow, but luckily the ground was warm enough where it didn't stick.  But the wind mixed with the snow made it very blizzard-y.

But enough about the are you guys doing?  Any fun plans for the weekend? Let me know in the comments! 

Stay cozy!
xo Emily