First Impressions | Pixi + Caroline Hirons Double Cleanse

Hey y'all!  

As I was perusing the beauty aisles of Target the other day (as you do), I came across the Pixi + Caroline Hirons Double Cleanse.  So I decided to purchase it, and give a little review on my first impressions of this product in case you were interested in this product.

As a long time lover of Caroline Hirons blog, I was really excited to try this product (because, well, she is the actual skin goddess of all time).

Presentation/Packaging: I have no complaints.  It comes in a screw-top container with the Solid
Cleansing Oil on one side and the Cleansing Balm on the other.  It's very straightforward.

Texture: The Solid Cleansing Oil reminds me very much of Coconut Oil.  It has a very lovely texture when applied to the face.  The Cleansing Cream is a very nice creamy texture that feels cool on the face.  Both don't have a scent which is also nice for a face wash.
Ease of Use:  It is very easy to use.  Step one: apply Solid Cleansing Oil on face and wipe off with wet face cloth.  Step two: apply Cleansing Cream and wipe off with wet face cloth.  And that's it.  Very easy.  Even I could do it!!!
How Does it Feel:  I woke up this morning and, I'm not even joking, my skin felt very smooth and hydrated.  I'm excited to use this again and see if I can notice even more of a difference in my skin after a few times using it.

Happy Saturday!