Sick in Bed

Hello friends.

I am sick in bed today.

As I am sitting here writing this, through squinty eyes because of a killer headache,  I am reminded how nice it is to cherish good health.  It's amazing how much we take that for granted when everything is great and you're feeling great.  I have developed a pretty nasty cough over the last couple of days that has led me to develop a headache, and now as of today, I think I am starting to develop a fever.  Oh joy.  But that's enough of my complaining.  Hey guys! Good News!  I received an offer for a job and accepted it.  Finally!!!!  It's twice the pay I'm making now with better hours, and doing more computer stuff.  I'm actually a bit nervous to start because I feel like I might be a little bit out of my league with this job, but I guess I won't know until I try.  Also, today was Mother's Day which was a lovely day (minus this horrific cough), but I will be writing a blog post entirely dedicated to that very soon, so don't you worry.  Was this enough chitchat from me for today?  Sorry for this word-vomit of a paragraph - I am literally just typing exactly what comes into my brain at the moment.  Pretty neat, huh?  Cats.  Igloos.  Australia.  See how it works!  Ah I need to sleep.

Ok friends, I am going to put a cold towel over my eyes and hit the hay, as they say (wow I love rhyming).

Good night and to good health,