10 Reasons To Love Spring

Although it's not technically Spring yet, the weather we have been having recently has been making me crave springtime.  So today I thought I would share some of the reasons why I love Spring.

1. Spring cleaning.

This is a weird one but spring cleaning is one of my favorite things about springtime.  It's kind of a way to get rid of all the things I've been hoarding since the last spring cleaning.  It also gives me an excuse to clean out my closet of clothes I don't wear or that don't fit anymore.  I like to donate to organizations like the DAV (Disabled American Veterans), which pick up directly from your house.  I like to think of spring cleaning as a fresh start.

2. Longer days.

The sun is out longer and so the fun doesn't end until 9pm.  Who doesn't love to spend long, sunny days?

3. Warmer weather.

Speaking of sunny days, spring brings warmer weather.  Which I am obviously all about.

4. Outdoor activities.

Whether it's hiking, biking, running or any other outdoor activity, it's nice to be outside and get the Vitamin D!

5. Everything is in bloom.

I love walking outside and seeing all of the trees in blossom and the tulips in my mom's garden.

6. Wildlife returns.

The birds chirping.  Tweet Tweet,

7. Baseball season.

Spring means spring training, which means the beginning of baseball season.  Afternoon games, beer, hot dogs, and cheering on my favorite team (Go Twins!)

8. Shorts and tank tops.

Obviously with the warmer weather, I'm trading my gloves and long underwear for shorts and tank tops.  And I'm living it for it.

9. Baby animals.

Spring also means all the baby animals.  Just imagine baby bunnies and baby ducks.  You're welcome.

10. The "Mood"

When the sun is shining and the weather is warmer, it's difficult to not be in a good mood.

What do you love most about spring?
x Emily