Well I Did It...

Well I did it....

I signed up for a gym membership.  This may not seem monumental to any of you, but it is to me.  I had been meaning to sign up for a gym for literally, and I'm not exaggerating, THREE YEARS.  But I had never got around to it.  So today is my birthday, and my gift to myself is the gift of health (wow that sounded better in my head lol).  So I went to the gym and signed up.  I am really excited to try all of the group fitness classes, particularly the cycling classes.  I have always wanted to try cycling and weights, so I am excited to give it a try!

I am going to try to document my fitness journey on here, and also (sporadically) on my YouTube channel (Emskeeso), so please subscribe if you haven't already.

I'm excited for this new journey.

To getting healthier!

x Emily