The Festive Season

Today is December 1st, which means that it is officially the Festive Season.  It also means that I am allowed to put up the Christmas tree, listen to Christmas music, and drink all of the holiday drinks from Starbucks!

A list of things that I am excited for the holiday season:
  1. Christmas trees
  2. Gingerbread smells
  3. Peppermint lattes
  4. Cold nights by the fireplace with hot chocolate
  5. Spending time with family
  6. Bentleyville
  7. Christmas Movie Marathons
  8. Sweater Weather
  9. Endless baking
  10. Decorating the house for the holidays

I am so excited for this time of year!  Let me know what is something you love (or hate lol) about the holiday season.  Also, let me know what types of blog posts/videos you would like me to do during this month.  Thanks in advance :)

x Emily