Halloween Memories | #BLOGULA

Happy #BLOGULA day 4!!!!  Today I am going to talk about some memories that I have from Halloween.
One of my most vivid Halloween memories was when I was in elementary school.  A girl in my class invited most, if not all, of the people in the class (I went a very, very small school) to her annual Halloween party.  I have a very specific memory of going over to her house with some of my friends and we would be dressed up as ghosts, witches, or angels to name a few.  There were spiderweb and a tables filled with spooky snacks.  At one point, one of the games was a race to see who could each a donut hanging from the tree without using hands.  I don't know why haha!  I also remember playing ghosts in the graveyard when it got dark out.  What a fun time!

Another one of my favorite Halloween memories was going to my aunt's house.  She had a tractor that pulled a trailer, and we would ride on the trailer around the neighborhood to go trick or treating.  It was really fun!

What's your favorite Halloween memory?

x Emily