All About Fears | #BLOGULA


Today I am discussing...fears.

October = Halloween = scary things.  So I thought it was only appropriate to talk about things I hate.  This should be fun...

1. Heights
For as long as I can remember, I have been terrified of heights.  I think it's the fear of falling to my death that I am just too terrified.  Rollercoasters, tall buildings, mountains, you name it, I will not walk near the edge.  No thank you.

2. Spiders
This one is kind of common but I do not like spiders.  Bugs in general, I guess.  They are creepy, they are crawly, and they send shivers up my spine.  Need I say more?

3. Failure
This one is a bit more personal for me:  I have a fear of failure.  And more often than not, this fear of failure

4. Public Speaking
Even if I am the so confident, whenever I get up to do a speech in front of people, my mouth goes dry and my voice quavers, and I seem to lose my train of thought.  Class presentations were such a joy...NOT.

5. The Woods at Night
Because murderers.

What are you afraid of?

x Emily