Oh boy, there has been a lot of new music that I have literally been dying to share with you.  I think I found a really good bunch of songs, and I am excited to share with you today.

1. Gold Echos

2. Circles EDEN

3. drugs EDEN

4. Broken Roots Michl

5. In the Trees Stalgia

6. In My Head Steve James (feat. RKCB)

7. First Cold War Kids

8. Irregular Love Sonny Alven feat. Corey Fox-Fardell

9. 11 Blocks Wrabel

10. Satellite Sara Hartman

So those are just some of the new songs that I have discovered that I have really enjoyed listening to.  I particularly LOVE EDEN and all of his music (hence why I did two songs of his), so if you love that type of music, check out his other songs.  But I love all of these songs.

What is your fav song at the moment?

x Emily