My friend Emily and I decided to take a very spontaneous roadtrip to Green Bay recently to visit our other friend Jaqueline, who was home from PA school.  So we left early on Sunday morning to take on the 4 and a half hour drive...oi it was going to be a long drive.  But that's okay because I was looking forward to having both my bestest friends with me since we graduated from college.
Packing up to go!  At the last minute...I think I started packing like 20 minutes before I was getting picked up haha

Had to make a quick stop at the gas station to fill up the tank and get some roadtrip snacks.

Somewhere in the middle of Wisconsin

Still driving in the middle of Wisconsin.  Farms and more farms galore!

Emily's car started to overheat (yikes!!) so we mad a random pit stop in the middle of a dirt road for the car to cool down.

We finally made it!! The first stop was to the iconic Green Bay Packer's field.  I wanted to get a Packer's mug for my bad, so we literally had 15 minutes from when we got to Jaq's house until the Pro Shop closed for the weekend.

Inside our hotel.  We booked about an hour beforehand from  The hotel room we got (2 queen bed suite) was originally $249, but we got it for $89.  AMAZING!!

A local restaurant we went to for dinner

I got a sandwich and some fries yummy!!

We basically spent the rest of the night tucked into bed, watching Escaping Amish and going to bed by 10pm.  Crazy party animals I know.

The next morning we woke up bright and early (and by bright and early I mean like 9 am).  Jaq was going to take us to this local family-owned breakfast place called The Pancake Place which is famously known for having, you guessed it, amazing pancakes.  I was excited to see if it lived up to the hype!

They brought this out, called "the wheel of fun" jokes.  It was whipped butter, raspberry spread, and strawberry jam.

This was the food I ordered.  Holy crap.  The pancake was literally bigger than the size of my head.  I got one apple cinnamon pancake which came with toast, and stuffed hashbrowns which had a whole bunch of goodies in it.  Omg it was absolutely amazing!  But I was so stuffed, I didn't even finish half of it.  Good thing they had left-over containers.

From there, we headed home, sadly.  Another 5 hour drive ahead of us.

Green Bay was such a cool city.  I highly recommend taking a little trip there because there is so much to do.  I only wish we had more time there, but I guess that means that I have to go back again!

Let me know what you have been up to this week!

xoxo Emily