As I am writing to you today, it is a perfect Sunday evening, and I am cuddled in my blankets with the TV on, working on my laptop.  It reminded me how nice Sundays are, even though it means that it is the end of the weekend and a Monday follows it.
I thought I would go through and tell you what I love to do on Sundays because I think that Sundays are great and deserve to be appreciated as much as Saturdays.

So my perfect  Sunday begins with a nice lie in.  About 8:30/9am is the perfect time because I still get to sleep in a little without feeling like I "wasted" the whole day sleeping.  Next, I would either go out for brunch or make a nice selection of delicious breakfast foods.  But either way, BRUNCH.  My favorite breakfast foods are pancakes, belgian waffles, and hash browns.  Top that with homemade strawberry glaze and a latte, and I am a happy camper.  Once breakfast has been happily consumed, I like to read the Sunday paper, well not so much the paper but the Sunday comics and the ads for stores like Target, Best Buy, and Ulta (some of my favorite stores!)  Then I like to start thinking about getting ready for the rest of the day.  Minimal makeup and comfy clothes.  Since it is starting to feel like fall outside, I LOVE to go to the apple orchard on Sundays.  We pick up some apples (obviously), apple cinnamon donuts (YUM), and a half liter of freshly squeezed apple cider.  Good apple haul.

After we get home from the apple orchard, a football game is normally on TV, so we like to watch that.  I am a Minnesotan so of course I have to cheer for my Minnesota Vikings:  Skol Vikes! AT this point in time, I think about what to have for dinner, whilst consuming apple cinnamon donuts (as you do).  Especially on colder days, my go to Sunday meal is either soup or chili.  Warm, satisfying, and easy to make.  If not too late, I like to go by a walk by the lake; it's absolutely gorgeous especially in Autumn because of all the fall colors starting to appear on the trees.

Once it gets around 7pm, I like putting on a movie or something on Netflix.  My mom and I just finished watching all of the Lord of the Rings series (still one of my favorite movie series of all time!)  I'm pretty much for anythings: comedy, action, horror, cheesy flick, whatever!  I like to bring out my big, soft blankets to cuddle up in and my laptop to work or just catch up on tumblr, pinterest, twitter or whatever.

And so that leaves me where I started this blog post.  This is how I would spend my perfect Sunday.  Talk to you again soon!

What is something you like to do every Sunday?

x Emily