Yesterday, my mom, dad, and I packed up the car for a day trip to Duluth to visit my sister at college.  I even drove the whole way!!!!  If you watched my video about why I hate driving, you will know how great of a feat this is to me.  I actually drove on the freeway...with construction!!  Woah I am just so excited.

We started off by going to lunch at the Tavern on the Hill, which is just like a fancier version of Applebee's.  It was good!  I got a sandwich and some fries, as per usual.

Then we went to the Animal Allies pet shelter, which was probably a bad idea because I now want all the cats.  ALL. OF. THEM.

Then we headed to the mall because Bath and Body Works had their wallflower scents for $2.95 each.  So I may have bought a few.  Only a few...haha ha ha h.

And on to Cub for some groceries where we found this creepy angry baby mask.  Why

And getting ready to go :(

It was fun to see Duluth and my sister, of course ;)

'Til next time.

x Emily

What did you do this week?