A list of 100 things I  love.  This should be easy, right...
  1. Christmas trees
  2. Sugar scrubs
  3. Funfetti cake with extra sprinkles
  4. Autumn candles
  5. Warm blankets
  6. Weekend brunch.  Waffles, OJ, fruit, pancakes, lattes.
  7. My family, near and far
  8. My friends
  9. Warm sunrises
  10. Pink sunsets
  11. Taking pictures of said sunrises and sunsets
  12. Taking pictures in general
  13. Getting home from a day out and putting on comfy sweatpants and a tshirt
  14. Farmer's markets
  15. Watching baseball with my dad
  16. Movie theater popcorn
  17. Puffy white clouds in the sky
  18. A nice big bowl of soup or chili on a cold day
  19. Pumpkin patches
  20. Making lists
  21. Singing in the car. or the shower. or anywhere really
  22. The movie Elf
  23. Spending the day baking
  24. Coming home to a clean house with no dishes or clutter to be seen
  25. Bike rides around the lake
  26. Kayaking
  27. Watching cute animal videos on the internet
  28. Animals. period.
  29. YouTube
  30. Blogging about my life.  Absolutely, bloody love it
  31. Chilling at home.  I'm a home body
  32. Broadway musicals
  33. A piping hot pizza from Pizza Man
  34. Dogs
  35. Reading for fun
  36. Crisp Autumn mornings
  37. Warm summer nights
  38. When the mosquitoes are gone for the season!!!!!!
  39. Hot spinach and artichoke dip with fresh tortilla chips. YUM.
  40. Pineapple salsa
  41. Wearing my hair in a high bun all day = effortless hair days.
  42. The sun roof in my car
  43. Driving on a road with no cars
  44. The smooth roads after they were just re-done
  45. Knitting
  46. Learning random facts
  47. Weekends at the cabin up north
  48. The fall colors on the trees in Autumn
  49. Laughing so hard, tears come out of my eyes
  50. The color blue
  51. Shoes that sparkle
  52. Cute, little coffee shops
  53. Caramel macchiatos
  54. Office supplies
  55. Christmas morning
  56. Getting a fresh hair cut
  57. Music
  58. Watching people work really hard to achieve their dreams
  59. (Weird one but) The way my body feels after I work out
  60. Soft hands
  61. Feeling like part of a group
  62. Finding something I love that is on sale. HOLLA.
  63. Lazy Sundays
  64. Planning a trip
  65. Toasting marshmallows by a campfire
  66. Listening to the rain as I fall asleep
  67. Finding money I forgot about
  68. Making a new friend
  69. Proving yourself wrong
  70. Getting a random package in the mail
  71. The window seat
  72. Checking things off my to-do list
  73. Sports bras
  74. The fresh, clean feeling after taking your makeup off
  75. Trying new recipes
  76. Reading the Sunday comics
  77. When everything works out despite worrying about it at every waking moment
  78. Doodling
  79. Caliigraphy
  80. Pasta
  81. Museums
  82. Lilacs
  83. The smell of coffee beans
  84. Target. The land of dreams.
  85. Road trips
  86. Corn on the cob
  87. Flossing my teeth after having a piece of food stuck in it
  88. Making people laugh
  89. Spontaneous adventures
  90. Random acts of kindness
  91. Instagram
  92. Libraries
  93. Fresh strawberries
  94. Freshly bakes bread
  95. Reminiscing on the good old memories
  96. Hummus
  97. Baby koalas
  98. Tolerance for all walks of life
  99. Picturesque landscapes
  100. Being the best version of myself that I can be 
That's it folks!  100 things I love.  Wasn't so bad.  Even though a lot on the list were food, but that's okay!

I challenge you:  what is on YOUR love list?

xoxo Emily