Every day we get older and once you graduate high school, you are expected to "know" how to be an adult.  Sometimes it's difficult and you will definitely not know how to do most things.  Today, I thought I would share some useful and underrated advice about some shit you should know about life.
Here we go, kiddos.

  • Generic is just as good as name brand.  You don't have to shell out more $$ just for a name brand.  Except peanut butter.  Buy name brand peanut butter.
  • Do the dishes before there is something growing on it.  Trust me.
  • Buy a first aid kit.  You will definitely use it at least once and is a good thing to keep around.
  • Keep an emergency kit in your car (i.e. flashlight, blankets, jumper cables, etc.)  It will be handy if you ever are in need of it.
  • Buy a roll of parchment paper or aluminum foil to put on baking sheets to cook food on.  It makes for very easy clean up and the pan doesn't get sticky.
  • Keep a calendar near your computer or desk of your bill due dates.  It makes managing them all a lot easier.
  • Rice, flour, pasta, sugar, frozen vegetables, and a good selection of spices go a long way food-wise.  It is wise to splurge and get a large container of rice because in the long run, you can store it and it will provide many meals.
  • Do you drink?  If so, don't combine with any medications.  Also, make sure to check doses on any medications because it can be easy to overdose.
  • Keep triple antibiotic ointment in your house for cuts, burns, and other sores that you may get.
  • everyone else is too busy panicking about everyone else's opinions of them to notice anything that you might be self conscious about.
  • Two words: thrift stores.  I have had many amazing finds that have come from thrift stores.
  • Take care of yourself when you are young, because your older self will thank you for it.

That's all the advice I have for now, but maybe I will do another one of these in the future? :)

We're all learning, so share your adulting advice below.

xoxo Emily