This past weekend I saw on Facebook that the Pine Tree Apple Orchard was finally open for business for the Autumn season.  This made me most excited because I love everything about the apple orchard: the treats, the scent of the autumn season, and, of course, the apples.

These apple turnovers and cinnamon sugar donuts GIVE ME LIFE.  Seriously.  So good.

This is the apple floor, filled with, you guessed it, apples galore.  Granny smith, cortland, red gala, honey crisp (my personal fav), and a whole bunch of other types of apples.  And all grown on the on-site apple farm.

One of my favorite places to go this time of year, and I expect to go back very soon.

Let me know your thoughts!  If you're ever in WBL, make sure to head on over to the apple orchard.

xoxo Emily