It's beginning to be that time of year again: AUTUMN.  One of my favorite times of year!  And this also means that Bath and Body Works starts rolling out all of their autumn products.  It was also their Get 2 for $24 deal, so double score for me!  I got a bit excited when I saw them in the store, and picked up a few things (mostly candles, let's be honest...)

I got Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin which smells literally like a pumpkin pie.  It has a strong clove scent, so if you're not into that, it might not be the scent for you but it does smell exactly like Autumn.

The next one is Silver Pine & Cedar.  Amazing, smells like you're walking through a magical forest of pine and cedar trees.  It has a nice, fresh scent to it!

The last one is the one I am most excited to use!  It's called Autumn, appropriately enough.  This candle smells amazing!!!  I literally can't express my love for it enough.  It smells of an apple orchard, with fresh, crisp apples.  It is very autumnal and I am so excited to burn this candle!


So that is my Bath and Body Works Autumn candles haul!  I hope this inspired you to go pick some candles to burn in the upcoming season.  
Are you excited for Autumn?  What is your favorite thing about Autumn?

xoxo Emily