Hi friends!

So it has been waaaayyyyy too long since I have done a Sunday Sounds post.  Don't worry I didn't forget :)  Life sometimes does this to you.  But this has given me a good chance to find some new songs/artists that I have really been loving!  So without further ado, here are some of my favs that I have been listening to recently.

1. All Time Low Jon Bellion
I recently discovered Jon Bellion, and I LAHVE his music.  I recommened checking out all of his other songs.  Some other favs of his are: iRobot, Guillotine, Maybe IDK, Human.  UGH I NEED TO FIND MORE MUSIC LIKE HIS. Also, make sure to go to YouTube and check out all of his acoustic versions of his songs to listen to his angelic voice. *goose bumps*

2. Fire Barns Courtney

I actually heard this song on an alternative radio station that I normally don't listen to when I was driving home one day.  I knew that I had to figure out what song it was because this is the type of music that I like to listen to.  It's a goodun'.

3. Gravity SMNM
I discovered this gem on one of my favorite music YouTube channels, MrSuicideSheep.  That channel always has the most amazing music and this song is no exception.  Give it a listen :)

So those are a couple of songs that I have been obsessed with!  Hopefully I can do more Sunday Sounds in the near future so that I can share more of my favorites with you :)

Join the discussion:  what is you favorite song at the moment?