RE: What is Happening in the World - Shootings, Racism, & Elections


So I was going to make a video about what I'm feeling about current events in the world, but I realized that I would probably be shaking in either anger or sadness, so instead, I decided to pour my heart into this blog post in the comfort of my bed where I can shake in anger and sadness in private.

Also, I apologize in advance if if seems like randomness.  I wanted to write exactly how I think so it will probably be brain ramblings.  Ramblings from my brain.

Firstly I want to discuss all the gun violence/shootings going around the world.  I woke up this morning to a notification from USA TODAY (because I get notifs about breaking news) to discover a mass shooting in Munich, Germany.  At least 6 people dead so far.  This coming so soon after the attacks in Orlando, Nice, New Orleans, Dallas, and more.  My heart hurts for all the people affected.  I guess, in some way, I am affected too because these people were living humans who had their whole lives ahead of them.  It could happen to any of us at any time.  This is what is so scary to me.  We are normalizing this violence/gun violence.  This is something that we should never have to normalize.  The fact that we are being told that gun violence/terrorism is "something that we are going to have to live with" is absolutely appalling to me.  This is not the type of world that I want to live in, or my family and friends, future children, & anyone on this planet for that matter.  This brings the topic of gun control.  I am not a "gun enthusiast" and I have no desire to fire a gun ever.  One of the main arguments against gun control is that it infringes on the second amendment. Ok, tt should be noted that when the second amendment was created, the only guns around were ancient caskets and pistols that missed the target half the time.  Not military grade assault rifles.  In fact, I don't think ordinary citizens should be able to purchase assault rifles.  There is no need for that.  I am all for freedom of expression blah blah blah, but this is something that needs to be dealt with and reconsidered.

Secondly I am very saddened to hear about all of the blatant racism going on in the world.  Just to clarify, I am a full supporter of #BlackLivesMatter.  Of course I believe that all lives matter, but right now, the black community needs to feel supported by the rest of the world.  I read an analogy from Reddit user GeekAesthete about the #BlackLivesMatter movement that I thought perfectly summed up my thoughts:
Imagine that you're sitting down to dinner with your family, and while everyone else gets a serving of the meal, you don't get any. So you say, "I should get my fair share." And as a direct response to this, your dad corrects you, saying, "Everyone should get their fair share." Now, that's a wonderful sentiment — Indeed, everyone should, and that was kinda your point in the first place: that you should be a part of everyone, and you should get your fair share also. However, dad's smart-ass comment just dismissed you and didn't solve the problem that you still haven't gotten any!

The problem is that the statement "I should get my fair share" had an implicit "too" at the end: "I should get my fair share, too, just like everyone else." But your dad's response treated your statement as though you meant "only I should get my fair share," which clearly was not your intention. As a result, his statement that "everyone should get their fair share," while true, only served to ignore the problem you were trying to point out.

Just like asking dad for your fair share, the phrase "black lives matter" also has an implicit "too" at the end: It's saying that black lives should also matter. But responding to this by saying "all lives matter" is willfully going back to ignoring the problem. It's a way of dismissing the statement by falsely suggesting that it means "only black lives matter," when that is obviously not the case. And so saying "all lives matter" as a direct response to "black lives matter" is essentially saying that we should just go back to ignoring the problem.

That is pretty much my feelings on it, so there's that.

Lastly, I am very upset about the upcoming election.  The fact that Donald Trump is actually the GOP Nominee for President of the United States makes me sick.  It was funny at first, but it actuals terrifies me.  I actually don't want to waste any breath (or typing) on him, but he is a huge xenophobe, misogynist, homophobe, racist man.  The fact that he is even a consideration for the presidency is sad.  It seems like the past century has experienced so much positive growth towards equality (i.e women able to vote, segregation is outlawed, gay marriage is made legal) and I think that this is amazing.  However, it seems that we are taking 300 steps backwards to where we were before.  This is not okay.  I also got another notification from USA TODAY that the former KKK leader, David Duke, is announcing his intention to run for the Louisiana Senate.  Besides the fact that he has a felony for tax evasion which he spent time in prison for, he was the FRICKING LEADER OF THE KU KLUX KLAN.  Why is he even able to do something like this?  He wants to get rid of diversity and is a blatant racist.  I actually have no words.

SO these are some of my thoughts on things going on in the world.  I am not really into politics or anything, but they affect all of us.  I think it is important to stay informed and educate yourself, because knowledge is powerful.  Please educate yourselves.  Ok that is all.


Join the discussion:  what are your thoughts on recent events?