Hi friends!

Yesterday was SUCH a nice day out that we had to take advantage of it (perfect weather days don't happen too often around here!) We decided to take the drive down to Como Park in St. Paul.  Despite the crazy amounts of construction, the commute wasn't that bad.  However, once we got to the park, that was a different story...

We were lucky enough to catch someone pulling out of their parking spot JUST as we were driving into the parking lot.  Other than that, the lot was completely full.  To the max!

There are lots of things to do at Como Park, such as biking, golfing, kayaking, canoeing, as well as visit the attached zoo.  We decided to just take a nice "leisurely" stroll around the lake (and by leisurely, I mean fast walking as my dad has the stride of a giraffe!)  FUN FACT: In total, one time around the lake is about 1.5 miles.

The lake is gorgeous.  On the banks of the lake, there are old and new trees alike, wildflowers, and even wild raspberries (I saw a man go into the bushes to eat them, not sure if that was a good idea but you do you, man.)

There was also this weird platform thing in the middle of the lake, that we decided to walk to walk on.  It's funny because from the distance, it looks like you are walking on water!

Once we walked around the lake, we decided to go to the Como Zoo's Japanese Garden.  Absolutely beautiful.  There were bonsai trees galore, waterfalls, fllotating walking paths, and even traditional Japanese tea houses that apparently you can partake in every weekend (but they fill up rather quickly.)   I want to have my own personal Japanese garden in my backyard!

Last but not least, we headed over to the old (I mean OLD) carousel at the Como Zoo.  I hadn't been there in YEARS, but my dad and sister wanted to go on it.  I am not too fond of rides in general, particularly ones that go in circles because they make me feel sick, but I was convinced to go on.  It was fun!

Thanks for hanging out with me today!

What are you up to this weekend?


Talk to you soon!