Father's Day at the Twin's Game!

Yesterday was father's day (SO to all the dads and father figures in the world, and especially to my own dad love you).  Since he talked about it practically non-stop, my sister and I decided to surprise my dad to a Twin's game.  If you're not familiar, the Minnesota Twins is a baseball team, and definitely one of our favorites to watch.  They were playing the New York Yankees, so definitely a game to watch!

We got amazing parking spots - right outside the stadium!

It was an absolutely gorgeous day out, plus we had pretty good seats.  It was up high enough that we could see the whole field and every play but we got a nice breeze which was appreciated because it was about 93 degrees out.

I took this picture and put it on my instagram (@emilyciernia).  Just a nice panoramic view of the field and Minneapolis in the background.

Me with the fam.  Had a really fun time :)  Plus, the Twins won 7-4!!!!

After the game, we got to go walk on the field!!!! We were hoping to run the bases, but APPARENTLY it was only meant for kids.  Boo.  But it was cool to see, nonetheless.

I've always loved going to games with my dad and I am extra glad I was able to celebrate on this day too.
Happy father's day, dad! Love you

Hope you all had fantastic weekends! 
Talk to you soon,