Celebrating My Mom's Birthday!

It was my mom's birthday the other day!  She just turned......25 I'm positive.  No really ;)

But to celebrate, we took a nice walk around the lake early in the morning, and then went for coffee afterwards.

We have a family tradition that when it is someone's birthday, they get to choose where we go for dinner.  My mom chose to go to Rudy's rooftop bar and grill, which is on top of the original Rudy's restaurant.  We decided to go for lunch because it fills up quickly.

Luckily, it was such a LOVELY day outside.  Nothing but blue sky. 

I tried to take a inconspicuous picture of the roof, but accidentally got my finger in the shot.  I was going to crop it out, but I thought it was funny! 

I got a delicious sandwich that came with fries and a pickle.  So yummy!!

For her birthday presents, we got her a bag of M&Ms, a case of Dr. Pepper that she can bring to work, and a FitBit (because she had asked for one).  I spent a long time trying to set up the FitBit to her phone (it was harder than it looked!)  S0 overall what a fun day!

That was how we celebrated my mom's birthday.
Happy Birthday, Mom!! Xo