Vegan 6 Week Challenge *UPDATE*

As Easter has come and gone, it is time to reflect on my experience on being vegan for 6 weeks.  First things first,  it was surprisingly easy!  Like really easy.  Everyone always complains that eating vegan is too much money/difficult.  I respectfully disagree.  I mean, yes of course, if you buy the fancy processed vegan "meat" and other products, that is pricey $$$.  But I found that it is FAR easier (and cheaper) to eat whole foods.  Whole foods including: potatoes (YAS), pasta, fruits, vegetables, rice and beans, etc.  I found this Birds Eye Southwest Protein Blend which has beans, lentils, red peppers and corn.  SO GOOD.  I literally ate that so much - added some salsa and I was good to go.  In fact, I found many frozen veggie/rice blends that were vegan.  Again, it is so easy and not expensive at all!

Another thing that I love is the current accessibility of vegan options.  I mean of course you don't have to eat rice the entire time - that would be boring!  There are so many recipes for classic foods that are vegan (i.e. pizza, ice cream, lasagna, burgers, eggs, cake...the list goes on and on).  There are also many vegan blogs out there that provide amazing recipes that are simply delicious.  Here are some of my favorites:


See - you're not limited at all!  If you want vegan yogurt or ice cream, it is becoming easier and easier to find them in local stores - not just speciality health food stores.  Which I think is awesome!

Food is something that should make you feel good, and I can honestly say that I have never felt better.  I know that people say that they feel lighter and I kind of pushed that aside, but honestly I just feel lighter.  It's incredible.  My stomach doesn't ache anymore, my skin has cleared up tremendously (finally!!!!!), and I just feel really good.  Healthy. 

I really want to continue doing this lifestyle.  I think that is has been so good for me and for animals and for the earth.  I highly encourage any of you to at least try it out and see how you like it.  I think you might surprise yourself!