As Tom & Donna from Parks & Recreation say, "Treat Yo'self", treat myself I did.  My friend Kassidy (who I haven't seen nearly as much as I would like to) and I decided to go out for some fun.  And by fun, I mean go out to eat and get our nails done.  We went to our favorite sushi restaurant, Osaka.  Luckily, we went during the lunch special so we ended up getting 2 rolls for $8.  Not bad!

This came with the lunch special: miso soup (which tastes like sea water :P) and some sort of salad with weird dressing that I am not a big fan of.

It is incredible how filling sushi is.  It may not look like a lot of food, but I am absolutely stuffed after eating the majority of it.  SO GOOD THOUGH.  I got the vegetable tempura roll and some sort of avocado roll.  Both were so delicious - definitely recommend!

Then we went to go get our nails done.  Since it was during the day, we were hoping that it wouldn't be too busy, and we were right because we got started right away.  Because it is almost spring time, I opted for this lovely mint green color with a gold/silver accent nail on my ring finger.  I should also mention that I got a gel manicure because I find that it lasts a lot longer than regular nail polish application and so I think that it is worth the extra money to get gels.  I am very happy with this color - it reminds me that spring and summer are almost here :)

What have you been up to today?  Let me know!  I hope you are all having a fab day and I will talk to you soon!