Life Update | Jan 2016


The past couple of weeks have been hectic to say the least - hence why I have not been on the internet too much.  What have I been up too? Hmm well my spring semester of school started this week and it has basically been a week of feeling overwhelmed about all of the upcoming exams/projects/assignments and I just want to watch Netflix.  This is a problem for my motivation, as you can probably guess, especially since this is my last semester as a undergraduate college student and I am already experiencing my "senior slide".  Not good.  I just have to keep telling myself that I have come this far and I can make it until graduation. (Hopefully).  Anyways, my classes seem difficult and what makes it more difficult is that I am not very excited about taking any of them.  They're all classes that I have to take in order to graduate, so I guess I just have to suck it up and get through it.

Other than stressing about school and the impending future, I am spending most of my time trying to find a place to go for spring break.  Do you have any good places that we can go for spring break?  Only criteria is that it has to be warmer than Duluth.  Duluth is wayyyyy too cold for my body right not.  Help a sista' out!!

I hope you're doing well and enjoying life and all the things.

I will talk to you soon, hopefully more often than it has been, sorry :)