GOOD EATS || Uncle Loui's Cafe

Hi friends!

I am a sucker for good food.  But who isn't to be honest!  My mom and dad came up to Duluth for the day and we decided we wanted some good, and I mean goooood, breakfast food.  I asked around and heard about Uncle Loui's Cafe in Downtown Duluth.

It is a small mom-and-pop cafe which I think made it even more special.
I also didn't realize how busy it would be.  The line went outside of the building and down the street.  I guess that it is a good indicator of how good the food is!
They had sooooo many choices for food!  From stuffed french toast and pancakes to omlettes.  I love breakfast food so much.
I decided to get the classic hashbrowns with eggs on top.  So good.  I just want to eat breakfast for every meal.

If you are ever in Duluth and are in the mood for good breakfast food, I highly recommend Uncle Loui's Cafe!