Things to do if you're feeling down

Heya everyone!

Ever feel like you are having a really crappy day, where nothing goes right and you just aren't feelin' it?  Yeah, me too.
Everyone has those down days.
If you are, here are some ideas of things to keep you busy on these types of days that you can't pull yourself out of.

1. take a shower
wash your hair, scrub your body, moisturize, do all the things that will make your feel clean and nice.

2. change your clothes
fresh underwear, clean pyjamas or sweatpants, or even nice clothes, whatever makes you happy

3. eat
this is actually so important.  even if it's just soup, bread, fruit, or pizza.  Although eating healthy is better for you, food is food and your body needs it to work properly.

4. drink
water is best to keep your body nourished, hydrated, and cleansed.  try to avoid alcohol, soft drinks, juice, and other sugary beverages.

5. go for a walk
it may feel difficult when you're feeling down, but exercise can really really help.  if you have a dog, take it for a walk.  or else, find a friend to go with, or if you prefer going by yourself to clear your head, that's okay too!  

6. listen to music
music has such an amazing power to control your mood, so listen to something that makes you happy.  whether it's country music, classical music, bubblegum pop music, whatever your heart desires.  also sing along with the music, it's fun!  music can change everything.

7. read a book
watching tv shows is great, but nothing is better to keep you preoccupied than reading a good book.  there's nothing like it.  tip:  if you'r not into reading, try reading something that you have seen the movie, like Harry Potter.  Harry Potter is ALWAYS a good idea.

8. make a list
making a list of things can be a great way to keep organized and to get rid of unwanted stress.  i highly recommend that everyone makes lists for every aspect of your life.  it makes it a lot easier.

9. be good to yourself.  
you are the only 'you' that you get, so take care of yourself.  You are beautiful, unique, talented, and worth it.  Your life matters.

Take care everyone,