Sunday Sounds #7

I hope that you have all had a fabulous week and an even better/relaxing weekend thus far!  I have been listening to a lot of music lately(nothing new there) and it's nearly been 3 WHOLE MONTHS since I last did Sunday Sounds(omg), so I thought I would share some of my amazing finds with you this week.  It is a bit of an eclectic mix of music but I'm hoping that you will you appreciate some of them and maybe even find your new fave song :]

1. If You Wanna Stay The Griswolds
I first heard this song on Pandora and I instantly loved it for it's upbeat feel!!  I've never heard The Griswolds before(except I believe I have featured them in my Sunday Sounds before), but I think that they are very talented and underrated.  I especially appreciate the 80s ish vibe that the song gives off because it is a song that I can see myself blasting this in my car with the windows down.

2. Dead Inside Muse
I have been a long time lover of all Muse songs, and with their new album coming out soon, I was very excited.  They have recently released a couple of songs from this album and I like this song a lot.  The music video is a bit weird(Just a heads up!) but it is very much like a typical Muse song, including guitar riffs and strong bass line.  I wouldn't consider this my fave Muse song, but it is still worth a listen!

3. Wesley's Theory Kendrick Lamar
 *Caution:  This song contains some explicit language.  Listen with caution.

I heard that Kendrick's new album 'To Pimp A Butterfly' was a real good'un, so obviously I had to take a listen for myself.  This song is one of my faves from the album, mainly because of the beat; it's just a real head-banger.  To be honest, I honestly don't listen to this genre of music(hip-hop/rap??) very often, but I have developed a true appreciation because of the underlying messages and ability to make the words flow smoothly together.  It takes a real talent that's for sure - I definitely couldn't do it!

I hope y'all enjoy this week's music picks!
Let me know of some of your fave songs at the moment!

See you sooooooonnnn x



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