Review: "Smoke + Mirrors" album | Imagine Dragons

I have always been an Imagine Dragons fan.  There unique sound and culmination of different instruments really makes their music appealing to me.
Their second album Smoke + Mirrors recently got released on Feb. 27th, 2015.
After their first album exploded with popularity, everyone had very high expectations.
I didn't get the chance to listen to it right away but I read some very mixed reviews.  Some people loved their different sound, while others did not appreciate it.
I was actually quite surprised by the amount of criticism it received.  Sure it sounded different than the first album, but I appreciated how they were trying new styles of music.

I remember reading that Dan Reynolds, lead vocalist of Imagine Dragons, didn't want to feel confined to ONE certain type of music.  And I completely agree.  i think that one of the great things about music is the freedom to express yourself.

After listening to the album off and on for a couple of weeks, I have developed some favorites:

1. Dream

2. Gold

3.  It Comes Back To You

I give the album ***/***** stars.
I really do like the sound of the whole album but I found that a lot of the songs sound the same.  Maybe I just need to listen to it more...

Have you listened to the album yet?  What do you think?
Let me know!

Happy internet-ing!