Like most people, I spend a vast majority of my spare time on my phone.  Like a lot.

Since I spend so much time on my phone, I thought I would tell you some of the apps on my phone that I am absolutely addicted too.  So here we go!!!!

1. Buzzfeed
Some of the news stories aren't the most credible/are of low integrity, but I always enjoy taking all of those quizzes such as, "What kind of potato are you?", and some interesting articles like "21 Clever Tricks All Procrastinators Should Know" which I definitely didn't read.......
Very cool app, filled with lots of content that keeps me entertained forever.

2. Instagram
I am absolutely addicted to Instagram.  I don't exactly know why; maybe the fact that I can creep on people's amazing lives through pictures that makes me use this app all the time.  I guess I live vicariously through other's Instagram photos.  Some people have such good Instagram seriously it looks so good and I am so jealous!  Teach me please.

3. VSCO Cam
Speaking of photos, I also love to take them myself which generally always requires some sort of photo-editing/filter thingy to it.  I found this one to have all the nice filters that I could have ever wanted along with options such as saturation, exposure, fading setting, the opportunities are endless.  It's great for all of my photo needs. 

What are some of your favorite apps?

Let me know!