Heya everyone!!

As you might know, I have been waiting for some news about a potential internship this summer that would be really cool and definitely look good on a resumé.  Well on Friday, I found out that I GOT IT. WOOOOOOOO!  I'm so excited I could run 12 miles right now!!!!!!  Well maybe not, but you know what I mean...

Basically, I will be working in a small team and we are doing some sort of research about social media mining - right up my alley!  I'm not sure the exact details yet (I have to set up some meeting within the next couple of weeks) but I am over the moon ecstatic about this project.  I get to work with some really awesome people 

I am so so so thankful for the opportunity to do this internship and I think that it will help me not only professionally to get more opportunities, but personally.  I will learn time management, team building, and critical thinking skills (which I think everyone should know).

I am just so excited right now.  I'm pretty sure I ran around the room when I found out.

I will talk to you guys very soon!!

- Emily