Sunday Sounds #4

It's Sunday
And Sunday means... it's Sunday Sounds time!!!!
(I bet you've missed it)
Here are some songs that I have been absolutely loving recently, and I hope that you find some interest in them as well.
Also, let me know in the comments some new songs/artists that I should check out?  I am always looking for a new favorite to obsess over :)

No Story Time Smallpools
I recently discovered this group through Pandora(THANK YOU!)  and I have become obsessed with their music!  It seems like every song they have is a good one.  I will be keeping my eye on this group!

work work clipping.
Warning:  Contains explicit language.  But it has a good beat and it's a very unusual song but I have strangely been listening to it a lot recently.

Vagabonds Grizfolk
Another delightful treasure I discovered from Pandora.  It has a good beat to it and the chorus is very catchy!  I can't help but find myself humming this song during most days.

As always,
Happy internet-ing!