2015: My "Selfish Year"

It's a new year so what's the old saying?
"New Year New Me!", right?

It seems like everyone says this around the new year and making resolutions that they will inevitably break by day 3.
(Kudos to those of you who have still stuck with your resolutions.  Proud of you!)
But this year is different.  I feel it deep inside me.
I honestly do want to change. 
So I'm considering 2015, my "selfish year".
A chance to really make a dramatic change in my life.  But on MY terms and because I want to do so.
I want to become healthier, both physically and mentally.
So far this year, I have taken up running (which is amazing in itself, considering I used to DESPISE running.)  I'm actually quite enjoying running.  Even though I feel like my lungs are being stabbed by thousands of knives, it's a good burn and I can definitely feel myself getting fitter.
Along with exercise, I have been eating healthier.  I plan on cutting out all refined/processed foods from my diet.  That sounds pretty drastic I know, but I'm actually really excited to start this new healthy chapter in my life!  

On the "becoming healthier mentally"topic, I have one word for you: DECLUTTER.
Declutter absolutely everything.
I have a few things planned:
1. Declutter my closet
2. Declutter my work area.
3. Organize, organize organize. 
4. Start planning your life out, so I'm not constantly stressed about doing it last minute.
5.Did I mention organize?
Along with cleaning my closet and stuff like that, I also want to "clean" out my social life.
Cut out all the people who don't deserve your time.  Cut out all the people who treat you poorly but expect you to be their for them when they need you.
I'm done being that person.
I think that "cleaning" these people out of my life will make me feel a whole lot better in so many ways.

Now obviously this won't happen overnight, but if you make a few small changes over time, it will lead to BIG results.  Which I am SOOOOO ready for!
Bring it on, 2015!! :]