Well it's officially December, which only means one thing...
Christmas is less than one month away!!!!

Last night, my roommates and I wanted to take a break from studying (with finals in a couple of weeks, we have been studying constantly).

The following pictures are our attempt at making a festive apartment.  At least what we could do with our limited resources as college students.

Some fake flowers in a wine bottle = classy.

This is a cover for the air conditioner and we think it looks ugly, so we made it into a make-shift fireplace and hung some stocking from it - one for each of us!

Our tv stand has a nice string of cardboard Christmas trees, a fake tree, candles, and an incomplete nativity scene.  Doesn't surprise me at all.

A whiteboard that we hung random ornaments with push pins

And last but definitely not least, our mini Christmas tree complete with lights and fake snow!!  
It makes me so happy.  I love Christmastime.
Not very fancy, but for college students, I think it is perfect :)
What is your favorite thing about this time of year?

Happy internet-ing!