Online Shopping: An Addiction

I may or may not have an addiction...

an addiction to (wait for it) : ONLINE SHOPPING
(I know I am as much ashamed of myself as you are of me)

I find myself searching many online stores, from clothes to home-wares to beauty, you name it.  
It begins innocently, as I just scroll down through all the products, but then I see IT.  
IT being a beautiful dress, the newest lip stick, or a a cute little mug for my hot chocolate (which I have way too many of-Thanks to online shopping of course!)

Thus, is the beginning of the end.

2 hours later- I find myself looking at my basket to 'check out', look at the total (EEEK) and shudder.
I find that I rarely walk out without spending $100...each shopping trip.

Oh boy.

I need to stop for both mine and my wallet's sanity.

Let me just cry.

I don't even NEED any of the stuff!  Why do I do this??

Are any of you addicted to shopping as much as I am?
(Pls tell me so I feel better about myself.) (LOL JK...mostly)

Anyways I'm going to go...definitely not online shopping..... HAhaha.ha ha *cry*

Happy internet-ing!