Rainy Days

There has been a series of cold, rainy days where I live.  On one hand I kind of dislike it as it is supposed to be summer, but on the other hand it gives me an excuse to lay in bed all day.

Whilst laying in bed, I generally surf the internet and online shop(blog post soon!) for hours on end.  I also use it as an excuse to curl up on the couch with a drink and watch movies.  I'm one of those people who buys a movie and watches it about 5,000 times in a row before watching anything else.  One of those movies that I have recently gotten is 'The Lego Movie'.  What an amazing movie!  I genuinely enjoyed it; full of laughs for all ages, and the music is quite catchy and will be stuck in your head ALL day........ (Everything is awesommmmeeee).

I also use rainy days to catch up on books that I have been wanting to read.  This time I have selected a favorite of mine: The Maze Runner
I know that the movie is coming out soon(September 19th to be exact!) and I wanted to remember all the details of the story.  If you haven't already, I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys mystery, adventure, thrilling suspense, and action.  I love all of these in a story. (BTW if you have any book suggestions, let me know! I really want to read more books.)

As you can see, it is a well-loved book who has been on many adventures with me.

What do you like to do on rainy days??

Happy internet-ing!