PHEW...July has gone and passed in a blink of an eye.
I can't believe how quickly it went...only a couple more weeks until I start my junior year of college.(exciting/terrifying)

This month has been a bit of a blur for me simply because I felt like I was always busy.
Lets see what I did this month, shall we:

1. WORK. omg the place I work wants to kill me I swear. They have me working too much and it's sometimes really hard because I am constantly on my feet and moving quickly.(can't wait to be done!)

2. Buying last minute things for my apartment/general things I want.  I have recently become OBSESSED with online shopping. I think I have a bit of an addiction(I might do a blog post about it soon).  I have gotten school supplies, clothes/shoes, beauty products, books, desk organizers, various furniture items, and kitchen supplies. WOO I feel so old.

And last but not least:
3. Going to the movie theater to watch (no spoiler) movies.  In July I have seen Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, Guardian's of the Galaxy, Earth to Echo, How to Train Your Dragon, and probably more that I forgot about.  It's nice to have a sister who works at the theater( #freemovies).

That's what I've been up too this month!
What about you? Done anything fun? I hope so! :]

Happy internet-ing, peeps!