Hey everyone!
So as summer is already half way over (*silently crys*), I have decided to be at least somewhat proactive in my back to school shopping, so I'm not rushing out to get everything last minute...
The first( and most expensive) thing on my list: TEXTBOOKS.
If you've never had to buy your own textbooks before, you don't understand the sheer shock of the price tag as you click "Check-out" at the online bookstore.
Literally buying my required school textbooks is reason why I go broke towards the end of summer.  That and clothes shopping...oops.

This upcoming semester, I "required" 7 textbooks. (I say "required" because in the past there were instances where I didn't even use the "required textbooks. UGH.)

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND , if possible, to look for your textbooks places other than your college's school store.  There, you generally pay full retail price for a brand new book.
If you don't want to cry when looking at your bank account, here are some websites that I recommend you check out:

All of these websites are pretty similar.  You can search new/used textbooks as well as rent them(if, for instance you only need it for one semester and not worth it to buy).  You are also able to sell your books back after you are done with them, which is really nice.
I hope that this helped!
I might be doing more college money saving/tip giving things in the future. hmm..yes??

Happy internet-ing, friends!