As it's officially summer break for me(and soon for many people), I thought I would make a list of all the things that I want to try this summer(the key word is 'try', who knows if it will actually happen haha)

1. Learn a new language.  I took 4 years of French in high school but that's it and I think it would be really beneficial and awesome to be bilingual.  Maybe Japanese or Italian...we'll see

2. Get better at drawing.  I have always been addicted to doodling on random scrap pieces of paper and homework assignments.  I also find drawing very soothing and therapeutic.  It would great if I could actually get better at it.

3.  Pamper myself.  This probably sounds stupid but I don't get to spend time for myself all that often.  Maybe a pedicure or a new hair-do :]

4. Learn to crochet.  I already know how to knit and I heard crocheting is not that difficult and you only need one needle!  I would like to make a scarf and a baby blanket for a friend's baby.

5. Try new food and drinks.  Again probably stupid but I don't often go outside my comfort zone taste palette (if that makes any sense haha) so I would like to try new new dishes!  First stop: sushi and then curry.  (My friends have been dying for me to try these as it's their favorites)

Here's just a snippet of what I'LL be doing this summer, more to come of course :]  Hopefully I can tick off at least a couple on this list!  

Do you have any cool or special things you are planning for this summer??
Let me know down in the comments.

Until next time  x